Tourism of Nature, history and culture

Tourism of Nature, history and culture

  • Authentic Experiences of Nature, History and Culture

Live unforgettable experiences, sensations and emotions in Nature. Enjoy alone, as a couple, family or with your group of friends. Here you can contact directly with the tourist service providers.

  • Whales in Nuquí
    Whales in Nuquí

    Experience the amazing and exciting time when whales jump and breathe in the sea surface, and a unique way to connect with nature and the oldest forms of life! Season from June to October.

  • Cristal Stream Macarena National Park
    Cristal Stream Macarena National Park

    Caño Cristales is a destination in the Colombian jungle overflowing imagination of the visitor. The deep red color of the algae covering his bed (Macarenia Clavijera) makes hallucinate the most experienced explorer.

  • Whales in Bahia Solano
    Whales in Bahia Solano

    Sightings from boat or shore and enjoy the rainforest, waterfalls, extensive beaches, cuisine and the wonderful culture of the Colombian Pacific.

  • Jagua Indigenous Community
    Jagua Indigenous Community

    Few places gather so much magic and beauty at the same time, as this indigenous community, its entrance through the calm waters of the Chorí River and its route between crops, mangroves and biodiversity, an unparalleled experience

  • Nuquí, experiencing paradise
    Nuquí, experiencing paradise

    Nuquí, is an amazing destination between sea and jungle, with kilometers of empty beaches, waterfalls, natural hot springs, surfing, birds, and mangroves.


Our passion is to present nature in Colombia!

Contra las botellas de plastico

We have selected the best experiences of ecotourism, adventure tourism and agrotourism, unforgettable travel plans to enjoy with your family and friends.

We believe that the more you promote and make known biodiversity and natural resources will be more sensitive to visitors, increasing its environmental commitment and interest to continue visiting our regions.

We apply principles of sustainability: raising awareness and consumer host to respect the integrity, conservation and protection of the environment and local culture, fostering real economic opportunities for communities and residents.

We join the global movement: travelers against plastic that seeks to create awareness in the indiscriminate use of plastic bottles that go to nature destination but do not return.

Find with us a love team of this beautiful Colombia, committed to bring you the best destinations for bird watching, whale watching, diving, nature parks, ecological hotels and more.

Find the plan that best suits your needs and do not hesitate to contact us to provide personalized advice