Iguazú Falls Argentina - Wonder of the World
Iguazú Falls - Wonder of the World

Iguazú Falls - Wonder of the World

mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)" style="">Created in 1934 and declared a Natural Patrimony of Humanity in 1984, the Iguazú National Park, located in the province of Misiones, in the Argentine Coast, is the setting for one of the most beautiful and impressive natural spectacles in the world: the Iguazu Falls . mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)"> In its 67,000 hectares it shelters the great biological diversity of the subtropical forest: 2000 species of plants, 400 species of birds and an exotic fauna among which is the yaguareté, the largest feline of the American continent, in danger of extinction and Natural Monument from Argentina. mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)"> In this park, in the middle of the jungle, the enormous flow of the river that the guaraníes called "big water" falls vertically producing an overwhelming roar: here, the water roars.

mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">The jungle roads of the Iguazú National Park lead to a unique place in the world. mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)"> Where birds sing the beauty of the landscape and in the roar of the waterfalls vibrates nature.

mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">The Iguazú National Park is located in the northwest of the province of Misiones, 17 km from the town of Puerto Iguazú. mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)"> The ecosystem that it preserves belongs to the Selva Paranaense eco-region, which covers almost the entire missionary territory. mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)"> And the natural treasure that houses is the Iguazu Falls: 275 waterfalls that reach up to 80 meters high. mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)"> Declared one of the new 7 Natural Wonders of the World, they are also a Natural Heritage of Humanity.

mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">Yvirá Retá Interpretation Center or Visitors Center

mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">It is the place destined to know and reflect on the natural environment, its preservation and the problematica of the endangered species

mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">Train of the Jungle
mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">Driven by liquefied petroleum gas, it does not pollute the environment, it adapts to the special characteristics of the climate, the lush nature and the preservation space in which it operates.

mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">Green Path
mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">It connects the central station and the food court with the waterfall station quickly and in contact with wonderful animal and plant species

mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">Lower Circuit (1,400 meters of walkways with stairs)
mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">A walk at the foot of the falls that invites you to enter the jungle, in an intimate contact with the water and the vegetation that surrounds it and with unforgettable images.

mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">San Martin Island
mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">For those looking for adventure, from the heart of the Falls and crossing the lower Iguazu River, this walk is a challenge of full contact with nature and physical effort.

mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">Superior Circuit (1,300 meters of walkways without stairs)
mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">The itinerary through flat footbridges runs along the edges of the fall of water, which allows
mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">a vertical and high-altitude view of the breakers, to get to the jump of the san martin and the islets of iguazu superior

mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">Garganta del Diablo (1,100 meters of walkways without stairs)
mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">It is one of the widest sections of the Iguazu, it is an adventure that penetrates more than
mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">1 kilometer inside the river to reach the balcony viewpoint in front of the most important jump and and
mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">monumental the throat of the devil

mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">Macuco trail and Arrechea waterfall
mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">The thickness of the environment leads us to sharpen the senses and observe the traces of animals and the wide cy colorful variety of inserctors

mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">One of the most innovative proposals is to enjoy the Iguazu Falls under the light of the moon. mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)"> Special outings that only take place on clear, full moon nights. mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)"> You just have to enter the Iguazú NP at daybreak, climb the small train that runs through the jungle and submerge in darkness. mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)"> Silence is only interrupted by the sounds of nocturnal animals: a new world awakens in the depths of the jungle. mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)"> When you get off the train, you take the same path as during the day to reach the Garganta del Diablo, only at night it is mysterious and even more charming. mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)"> The roar of the forest feels more powerful as it advances. mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)"> And when you arrive, the Garganta del Diablo dazzles (and thrills) the nocturnal visitors. mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)"> Illuminated by a giant and silvery moon, it is even more impressive. mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)"> A unique landscape and an unforgettable experience.

mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">IMPORTANT: The Iguazú NP has a variety of services for visitors. mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)"> Among them, a 5 star hotel, restaurants, fast food outlets and kiosks. mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)"> It should be noted that the architectural barriers in the routes have been eliminated, thus generating a proposal accessible to all. mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)"> Due to the extension of the Park, if the visitor prefers to visit it in two days, he can keep his ticket and present it the next day, enjoying a 50% discount.

mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">The town of Puerto Iguazú has tourist services and varied accommodation, as well as regular bus services that go to the Park throughout the day.

mouseout="_tipoff()" onmouseover="_tipon(this)">Sources: Official site of Tourism of Argentina, official site Tourism Iguazu Argentina

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