Day of the llanero
Day of the llanero

Day of the llanero


A very good experience will be to get your food by your own means, and with this I do not mean to go to the store and buy them, no, the ideal is that you take it directly from the nature that gives them, if you want a Apple, go to the tree and take it, yes, it runs the risk of falling or that you notice your inexperience and take one that is still bitter.

It sounds easy, right? Now let's add a bit of difficulty, the idea is to drink the milk directly from the "teat" of the cow, but what if we do it as real people do in the field, we wake up at 3:30 am, we drink coffee, a bathroom and now we expose ourselves to our first challenge: the cold in the morning, nothing that a good wool ruana can not solve, after this we saddle horses, we hunted cattle to the milking site and prepared all the necessary implements.

So far it's been 5:00 am, it's still early but there are still no signs of milk. We tie our cows while we provide food and thus avoid receiving a "kick". We wash, dry, sterilize and it is there when at last the difficult work will begin.

Visually it is simple: grab, pull and as a result milk comes out. It is in this part that we decided to go to the store for a bag or call an expert farmer to guide us in our failed milking attempt. Now that we see him working we see how he uses his fingers, how he grabs each udder, how he gently massaged and with delicate movements he manages to get a good jet of milk, he achieves with his jumping technique between the udders and his rhythmic massages emptying the four "tits", getting enough milk for home consumption and being aware that it is for that calf that is in the breeding stage and who in the future will be the replacement of his mother.

We have finished our dairy experience, it is 10:00 am, and the cows are milked and we, although we were not the ones who got all the milk, we are proud to live a morning of direct livelihood work, of obtaining food. Did you like the story and want to live it? You already know a little the details that you can pass and how to solve them, it only depends on you, it is time to live at least one day as many of our grandparents lived.

Glossary Teta: Colloquial term for llanera culture to refer to cow udders Patadón: Strong kick from the animal's hindquarters

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