Bird Watching
Competing to enjoy the landscape

Competing to enjoy the landscape

Canaries, Parrots, Doves, Turpiales and a few others are the limited list of birds that many of us have in mind when they mention a variety of birds.

For many people it is not the same, without needing to be specialized in Ornithology or being men of science, we know that in the world there are many people who have as a hobby to go out to enjoy nature enjoying the landscape, listening to its sounds and being surprised of the thousand colors that compose it while learning from the large number of bird species that exist in the world. Leaving home with the intention in mind of being attentive and connected with nature in order to appreciate a number of birds, is the hobby of those with camera and notebook in hand venture into jungles around the world.

From hobbies has gradually become something so big that has led to tournaments of even several days, with the intention of competing for the group of people that most birds can see and record.

These practices are very common in the world of bird watching, where groups of people leave their conventional walks and face rough climates, long walks, incessant sun, mosquitoes and risk of all kinds of animals for the satisfaction of a good image or maybe discover a new species. This is a sign of love and commitment to nature and thanks to these people who spend their time looking for birds, is that today we can find information of many species that unlike canaries, Parrots and Doves we can not see in our day to day city

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