Classification of Nature Experiences

Classification of Nature Experiences


Most important to us is that you choose the right experience for you, so every one of our plans have been carefully evaluated and ranked on several criteria for selecting activities in which you can participate and enjoy themselves.


Remember that at any time you can contact us and resolve their concerns.

Then the classification for nature experiences we offer:

Comfort level:

Associated with the type of accommodation and service level according to your preferences.

Height: boutique hotels, villas, eco-lodges and country houses luxury level of personalized service.
Standard: flights, hotels, eco-lodges and cabins with private rooms, basic level of service
Basic: a place to stay overnight, camping, hammocks or shared rooms.

Trip Style:

What you want to experience and need at this time.

Family: appropriate to enjoy with your children, no matter their age activities, moments to treasure, enjoy and have fun
Culture and History: activities designed to learn and engage with local communities
Aventura: no need to be a great athlete, browse and outdoor activities
Life and Nature: marvel at the scenery, wildlife and beauty of Colombia
Romance: a couple enjoys exotic locations, romantic dinners and beautiful rooms.
Relax: sometimes we just want to enjoy good sleep, an excellent book and exquisite cuisine, of course in a paradise of Colombia

Physical Effort:

Very important to select chords experiences at your age and fitness, the goal is to enjoy and treasure memorable moments

Minimum: short walks, some stairs, carrying a small backpack, anything that makes you sweat.
Medium: includes activities for people with acceptable physical condition, nothing too demanding.
Height: just for athletes and dedicated thrill seekers.

Ease to arrive:

What's varied geography of Colombia, some places are hard to reach and you need to take several types of transportation experience who are selected in line with your tastes and both are willing to sacrifice comfort to enjoy something unique.

Easy: you can reach by bus, private car, the airport and a shuttle to pick you up, very comfortable and secure.
Normal: some adventure, maybe a boat, 4x4 Jeep and some walk.
Difficult: get is half of the experience, walking, horse or mule.

Length of Trip:

Thinking about a weekend escape, a bridge or perhaps planning your next vacation

Short: 1 to 4 days
Medium: from 5 to 10 days
Length: 11 and more days

Sustainability level:

We are fully committed to sustainable tourism, we promote the proper use of natural resources, solid waste management, water and energy, as well as the benefit to local communities

Level 1: aware of the importance of sustainability in tourism, getting started in the application of good practices
Level 2: develop good sustainability practices and are in the process of national certification
Level 3: committed to environmental and social responsibility in tourism, has national and international recognition certificates