Utría Natural Park

Utría Natural Park

2 days - Beach, kayak and Mangroves

  • Utría Natural Park

Live this experience in one of the most biodiverse places on earth. Utría National Natural Park is located between destinations in east bay and Nuquí Chocó Colombia, the High Park Natural scenic beauty where the jungle meets the sea, is also the meeting of 4 scientific value of natural ecosystems: mangrove ecosystem, tropical rain forest, beaches and coral. Their culture and cuisine are unmatched; you will find indigenous and black communities in their natural arts.

Plan en Acomod. Triple Duración Precio por Adulto Precio por Niño
PNN Utría Temporada Baja 2 dias 1 noches $215.000 $191.000
PNN Utría Temporada Alta 2 dias 1 noches $230.600 $203.000

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  • Flights Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
  • Carry cash, the destination does not have ATMs, nor receive debit and credit cards.
  • Your luggage should be a backpack, hand luggage is inconvenient for boat and foot transfers. Airlines do not allow more than 10 kilos of luggage. Carry only what is necessary. Carry a small backpack or kangaroo for your trips through the jungle or along the beach.
  • Wear a hat or cap.
  • Bring a reusable bottle for water, we promote the anti-disposable culture.
  • A flashlight and spare batteries. I wish rechargeable battery
  • Repellent against insects and sunscreen.
  • The collection of plant or animal material is not allowed.
  • Do not carry disposable containers or aerosols.
  • Travel only on authorized trails accompanied by a guide. Do not leave the group and watch your classmates.
  • Take care of the garbage you produce.
  • When you do scuba diving or dipping activities do not stop at the corals or touch the animals.
  • It is recommended to have the yellow fever and tetanus vaccines up to date.

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Price: $ 990.000 COP
per person

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