Diving in Isla Fuerte Colombia

Isla Fuerte Diving

5 days - scuba diving, snorkeling and nature

  • Isla Fuerte Diving

A landscape full of nature, which combine their wonderful vegetation with the splendor of coral reefs and sea calm and crystal, suitable for all water and underwater activities.

A Ceiba, dating from the discovery of America, is the monumental symbol STRONG ISLAND and its spectacular vegetation not found in any other island in the continental Caribbean.


  • Transfers maritime Paso Nuevo, Isla Fuerte, Paso Nuevo.
  • Accommodation booked accommodation.
  • Welcome cocktail.
  • Full program Supply: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks in the morning and afternoon.
  • Talk about island ecosystems.
  • Guided tours of the lighthouse, the enchanted lagoon, tree walking.
  • Kayaking to the tip of English to closely observe the most spectacular seabirds.
  • Boating at sunset
  • Watching sloths.

The feeding program includes besides the main meals, snacks in the banter-na and afternoon. The menus designed by nutritionists, are made with native Caribbean seasoning creating an exquisite flavor.


  • Airline tickets
  • Land or sea transport to the port of Paso Nuevo
  • Expenses not specified in the plan

Additional activities (not included in the plan):

  • Diving Courses (Basic Scuba, Scuba Advanced, Rescue and Ecology)
  • Free Minicourses lung and diving
  • Kayak Rentals
  • Acuaplano Rental
  • Cultural Tour to know the traditions of the inhabitants of the island
  • For certified divers specializations Nitrox 32 EAN Modules and Full Face Mask comunication system


Isla Fuerte has more than 30 places for scuba dives and endless possibilities for free diving.

Diving Service (not included in the plan): 

Sencillo Doble 4 Buceos 5 Buceos 6 Buceos 8 Buceos 10 Buceso
$ 160.000 $ 255.000 $ 470.000 $ 560.000 $ 700.000 $ 925.000 $ 1.145.000


All diving programs include:

  • Boat specially designed for diving with two 40 HP engines, sonar, satellite navigation, radio, first aid kit on board oxygen equipment on board, spare equipment on board and tent.
  • Tanks 2,800 p.s.i.
  • Weight belt and weights.
  • Dive Master or instructor guide.
  • Onboard refreshments.
  • Buoyancy compensator and regulator.


For diving plans is essential the presentation of certificates and / or listing of certified students have the recommendation of the instructor; so the diving log must be filled and sealed.

Passengers requiring special drugs must carry and accompany with the respective formulation physician.

No refunds activities or services included in the plans not to-grammed by the host will be made.

Diving plans no refunds for no dives made by personal conditions of the guests or environmental conditions-gan put at risk the safety of the group were made.

Rates per person for 3 nights
Season Double Triple Multiple
Low $ 744.000 $ 710,000 $ 667.000
High $ 861.000 $ 821.000 $ 776.000


High Season: All weekends with Bank Holiday Monday (bridges) for the year; 12 to 20 April Easter; 1to June 30, 4 to 13 October sema-na recess, December 20 to January 12, 2015

Low Season: The unframed in High season.

Among palms six rooms designed with native materials that preserve the style of Caribbean architecture rise.

Rooms for four, three or two people, water, electricity, radio communication with the nearest assistance centers, national and international cellular coverage.

The meeting areas and rest create a place where time stands still.


Select an experience according to your needs:

Travel Style
Vida y Naturaleza
Physical effort
Easy to get
Nivel 2

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ISLA FUERTE NATIONAL PARK belongs to NATURAL DE ROSARIO ISLANDS, SAN BERNARDO, ISLA FUERTE AND Tortuguilla so we must follow the provisions to visit there, such as:

  • No sign toiletries containing aerosols, anti bacterial soaps or contaminants.
  • Waste as containers, wrappers, batteries and other generated during your visit must be removed from the island by the same visitor.
  • The Use of psychoactive drugs is completely prohibited.
  • Use only audio equipment with personal devices.
  • Do not remove the island natural elements such as plants or animals, shells of mollusks, corals and others.
  • Let us know well in advance of people who require a special diet to serve them according to your requirements.
  • It is essential to fill hotel registrations with any personal information. 

Travel Insurance TOTAL included in this tourist package

Don´t forget to read our Cancellation Policy and the Service Policy included in all our tourist packages

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Price: $ 861.000 COP
per person

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