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Pascua Island

4 days - Moais route

  • Pascua Island

A great trip to discover Pascua Island and its Rapa Nui National Park, with its imposing Moais, volcanoes, petroglyphs, lagoons and nature

The trip includes:

  • Welcome and transfer at the airport
  • Accommodation in a tourist category hotel with food
  • Tour with guide the days included in the plan

Does not include:

  • Air tickets Colombia - Easter Island - Colombia
  • Expenses not specified in the plan
  • The entrance to the Rapa Nui National Park (USD 60) is paid at the airport upon arrival.


Reception at the Mataveri airport with a shell necklace. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation.

Day 02 PASCUA ISLAND (Route of the Moais)

Breakfast. Full day tour, which begins on the Moais route, visiting Vaihu, surrounded by colossal statues lying face down on the ground; Akahanga, ruins in a natural state where the first king of the island was buried; the Rano Raraku volcano, located near the South coast and at the foot of the Poike, the most spectacular crater in the area, where ancient Easterlings carved the giant statues from the quarry of the volcano. You can appreciate the different states of construction of the Moais, most of which still cling to the base of the quarry, with a length of 20 meters and weighing close to 200 tons. The tour continues to the beautiful beach of Anakena, where Ahu Tongariki is located, the largest that the island had with 15 Moais and an average weight of 50 tons each, destroyed in 1960 by a tsunami. Visits to Ahu Te Pito Kura and Ngau Ngau. Box lunch and free time to enjoy the warm waters that surround the island. At dusk I return to the hotel.

Day 03 PASCUA ISLAND (Rano Kau, Ahu Akyvi)

Breakfast. In the morning excursion to see the Rano Kau volcano, whose deep crater of exuberant vegetation contains an extensive lake of fresh water
covered with cattails. Continuation to the cultural center of Orongo, located at the top of the crater, 300 mts. above sea level and where the ceremony of the bird man or Tangata Manu takes place every year. You can see more than 100 petroglyphs that represent among others the god Make Make, the bird man Tangata Manu and the seabird Manutara. It continues with the visit to Ana Kai Tangata, a cave in which the islanders took refuge in times of war and where there are still cave paintings. Finally visit Ahu Vinapu, interesting architecture that reminds of the Incas, due to the perfection of the cuts and location of the stones. In the afternoon excursion to visit Ahu Akivi, large platform composed of 7 Moais, all facing the sea; the Ana Tepahu caverns and the Puna Pau quarries, with the upper part of the Moais sculpted with the typical hairstyles of the time (Pukao).


Breakfast. Airport transfer. End of the program

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