Nature and wildlife in Colombia and around the world

Nature and wildlife

  • Nature Experiences in Colombia and around the world
  • Whales in Nuquí

    Experience the amazing and exciting time when whales jump and breathe in the sea surface, and a unique way to connect with nature and the oldest forms of life! Season from June to October.

  • Ballenas cerca a Cali

    Avistamientos desde lancha o desde tierra y disfrutando de la selva tropical, las cascadas, las extensas playas, la gastronomía y la maravillosa cultura del Pacífico Colombiano. Un lugar mágico para vivir esta experiencia.

  • Bird Watching in Antioquia and Choco

    Discover the secret of birds in the vicinity of Medellin, live culture of coffee in a traditional, Antioquia and enjoy the whales, beaches, hot springs and waterfalls in Nuquí

  • Whales in Ladrilleros 3 days

    You can see them in two ways: from land or boat. You undertake a journey that makes you heart pound, the search in the vast sea becomes the most exciting trip suspense ... then you see them, they are there!

  • Whales in Bahia Solano

    Sightings from boat or shore and enjoy the rainforest, waterfalls, extensive beaches, cuisine and the wonderful culture of the Colombian Pacific.

  • Cristal Stream Macarena National Park

    Caño Cristales is a destination in the Colombian jungle overflowing imagination of the visitor. The deep red color of the algae covering his bed (Macarenia Clavijera) makes hallucinate the most experienced explorer.

  • Amazonas Exotic

    Get ready to see the pink dolphins, paddle canoes through the jungle, sleeping in a hut floating on the Amazon River and many other unforgettable experiences. All inclusive departing from Medellin.