Nature and wildlife in Colombia and around the world

Nature and wildlife

  • Nature Experiences in Colombia and around the world
  • Whales in Nuquí

    Experience the amazing and exciting time when whales jump and breathe in the sea surface, and a unique way to connect with nature and the oldest forms of life! Season from June to October.

    COP $1.690.000 per person
  • Pinguinos y Glaciares

    Visit to the Cabo de Hornos National Park with its impressive geography, where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans merge, declared a Biosphere Reserve, approaching glaciers and penguin sightings

    COP $4.900.000 per person
  • Islas Galapagos

    An amazing chain of volcanic islands that house unique and fascinating species, you can not miss the place that inspired Darwin to formulate his theory of evolution. Turtles, birds, sea lions and much more.

    COP $3.600.000 per person
  • Bird Watching in Antioquia and Choco

    Discover the secret of birds in the vicinity of Medellin, live culture of coffee in a traditional, Antioquia and enjoy the whales, beaches, hot springs and waterfalls in Nuquí

    COP $4.299.000 per person
  • Whales in Ladrilleros 3 days

    You can see them in two ways: from land or boat. You undertake a journey that makes you heart pound, the search in the vast sea becomes the most exciting trip suspense ... then you see them, they are there!

    COP $690.000 per person
  • Whales in Bahia Solano

    Sightings from boat or shore and enjoy the rainforest, waterfalls, extensive beaches, cuisine and the wonderful culture of the Colombian Pacific.

    COP $1.390.000 per person
  • Amazonas Exotic

    Get ready to see the pink dolphins, paddle canoes through the jungle, sleeping in a hut floating on the Amazon River and many other unforgettable experiences. All inclusive departing from Medellin.

    COP $1.490.000 per person