Whale Watching Juanchaco y Ladrilleros

Whales in Ladrilleros 3 days

  • Whales in Ladrilleros 3 days

You can see them in two ways: from land or boat. If you choose the first, You will be placed in a high place facing the sea (cliff, platform or cabin). With binoculars in hand, you are already a browser and you can appreciate their jumps and movements without disturbing them. A unique experience!
From boat. With appropriate recommendations and safety standards you undertake a journey that makes you heart pound, search immense sea turns into the most exciting trip suspense ... then you see them, they are there! natural, as the queens of the sea! With a safe distance will see the puffs of over 6 feet, their loins, jumps or tails, wauu ... do not forget!

Alojamiento Duración Precio por persona Noche adicional por persona
Hotel 3 dias 2 noches $465.000 $150.000
Cabañas 3 dias 2 noches $382.000 $110.000

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  • Pantalones cómodos, sudadera delgada o lycra
  • Camisetas delgadas y prácticas para las caminadas
  • Gorra o sombrero
  • Zapatos, tenis o botines que se puedan mojar y apropiados para caminar en playa y selva
  • Vestido de baño, gafas de sol y bloqueador solar
  • Cámara de fotos
  • Objetos de aseo personal y medicamentos que requiera
  • Bolsas para no mojar (cámara, dinero, maletas)
  • Dinero en efectivo
  • Maleta pequeña (10 kilos max) y morral de mano (5 kilos max) 

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Price: $ 690.000 COP
per person

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