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Islas Galapagos

4 días - Tortugas, iguanas y leones marinos

  • Islas Galapagos

An amazing chain of volcanic islands that house unique and fascinating species, you can not miss the place that inspired Darwin to formulate his theory of evolution. Turtles, birds, sea lions and much more.

The operation of the tours in Galapagos, is subject to space availability and in exchange for itineraries, departure days, etc. For climatic, operational and logistical conditions. The number of visits to be made is guaranteed, but not the specific itinerary or place of visit.

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Wildlife observation is possible all year round. The months include:

  • January: Galápagos tortoise eggs hatch.
  • April: the conditions for diving are optimal.
  • May: Blue-footed boobies perform elaborate mating dances, which include exhibits their brightly colored feet.
  • Weather conditions:

Expect warm weather all year round, but the rain will probably be between July and September.
Between December and June, expect warmer, calmer waters and better visibility underwater.

  • Rates subject to change without prior notice and availability at the time of booking.
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  • Rates expressed in American dollars.
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Price: $ 3.600.000 COP
per person

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