Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy




  • Rates quoted are subject to change without notice at time of booking, subject to availability of the requested services, update rates, changes in operation or decision of suppliers. Taxes, fees and contributions that may also vary imposed by government regulation.
  • The objective of tourism can be affected by climatic factors, therefore NATURE TOURISM is not responsible for the outcome.

Cancellation Policy

Confirmed reservations will have a cancellation policy as follows:

Cancellations or changes have a penalty of 30% of the total value of the package
Cancellations or changes between 5 and 1 days before departure penalty is 100% of the total value of the package.


Property Reimbursement will apply in accordance with the terms of the cancellation policies.
After starting the travel, the services included in the plan and not used are not refundable unless cancellation is verified by illness duly certified by the EPS or death of the passenger. Medical certificate for foreign passengers.

In case of strike, either before or during the trip, by one or more of the suppliers included in it, the organizer can agree to take whatever steps are within reach for the benefit of the passengers affected by this type situations.
The Customer undertakes to inform all the terms of this contract and the changes concerning the reserves to each group of passengers.
Responsibility of the Traveler

The responsibilities of the participants of the trip include:

  • selection of a suitable trip to your interests and abilities
  • determine the locations and activities are appropriate for them
  • determine their state of health and fitness for the journey and activities are sufficient
  • the acquisition of passports, visas and vaccinations when needed
  • ensure adequate insurance coverage
  • wear appropriate clothing and equipment
  • ensure the security of personal belongings to take on the trip.

This strictly forbidden behaviors that interfere with the safety and comfort of other participants as the consumption of hallucinogenic drugs and excessive alcohol. The use of services from women or escorts men (prostitution) is not tolerable in a trip NATURE TOURISM, use of minors for such services is penalized by the authorities in Colombia and is cause for immediate dismissal from the books.