Environmental Responsibility

Sustainability Management

We support and commit ourselves to responsible behavior and management of tourism sustainability:

The protection of cultural property and efforts to prevent its marketing illegally. Law 397 of 1197.

In Colombia, actions to prevent and control this trafficking are promoted through the National Campaign against Illicit Traffic in Cultural Property

Denounce using the email pnacionalcti@mincultura.gov.co or by calling 3424100 ext. 1629 for issues of illegal trafficking in cultural property

Proteccion de nuestro patrimonio cultural

See the list of Cultural Endangered Goods in Colombia at the following link: http://icom.museum/fileadmin/user_upload/images/Redlists/Colombia/LR_COL_ESPANOL.pdf

We invite all our clients to act for the respect and preservation of the natural and cultural heritages declared by UNESCO:

Intangible cultural heritage:

  • Marimba songs and traditional songs from the South Pacific of Colombia-Nariño, Cauca and Valle del Cauca
  • Traditional Vallenato music from the Magdalena Grande
  • Cultural space of Palenque de San Basilio-Bolívar
  • The carnival of Barranquilla-Atlántico
  • The Holy Week processions of Popayán-Cauca
  • Carnival of Blancos and Negros-Nariño
  • Normative System of the Wayuus applied by the pütchipü'ü ("palabrero") - Guajira
  • Traditional knowledge of the Yuruparí-Vaupés jaguar shamans
  • Feast of St. Francis of Assisi-Quibdó

Cultural and natural assets

  • Historic center of Santa Cruz de Mompox-Bolívar
  • Cultural landscape of the coffee of Colombia-Risaralda, Caldas, Quindío and Valle del Cauca
  • Archaeological Park of San Agustín-Huila
  • Tierraadentro National Park
  • National Park of the Katios-Choco, Antioquia (Endangered)
  • Port, fortresses and monumental complex of Cartagena- Bolívar
  • Santorum of Malpelo Flora and Fauna
  • Qhapq Ñan, Andean road system

The protection of wild fauna and flora and efforts to prevent its marketing illegally. Law 17 of 1981 and law 299 of 1996.

All of our clients are informed that in the Colombian Penal Code, penalties of up to 90 months imprisonment and fines of up to 15,000 minimum wages are established for those who commit the crime of illegal trafficking of wild flora and fauna.

In Colombia there are 1,203 threatened species of which 407 species of animals and 796 species of plants

The Condor, the Andean Bear or spectacled bear, the Manatee, the Danta, the pink dolphin, the sea turtles, the Puma and the Cabeciblanco Tití are some of our endangered species

Denounce any fact that affects the environment and the animals, using the following link:


Especies Amenazadas y en via de extinción en Colombia

We reject all acts of racial discrimination Law 1482 of 2011

GLOBALTRIPS supports the Public Policy to combat Racism and Racial Discrimination.

No a la discriminación racial