Comfort Level:

Associated with the type of lodging and level of service according to your preferences.

  • High: boutique hotels, villas, ecolodges and luxury country houses, level of personalized service.
  • Standard: hostels, hotels, cabins and ecolodges with private rooms, basic level of service
  • Basic: a place to spend the night, camping, hammocks or shared rooms.

Travel Style:

What you want to experience and need right now.

  • Family: appropriate activities to enjoy with your children, no matter their age, moments to treasure, enjoy and have fun
  • Culture and History: activities designed to learn about and engage with local communities
  • Adventure: it is not necessary to be a great athlete, explore and do outdoor activities
  • Life and Nature: be amazed by the landscapes, wildlife and beauties of Colombia
  • Romance: enjoy exotic places, romantic dinners and beautiful rooms as a couple.
  • Relax: sometimes we just want to enjoy a good sleep, an excellent book and exquisite cuisine, of course in a paradisiacal place in Colombia

Physical Effort:

It is very important to select experiences according to your age and physical condition, the goal is to enjoy and treasure unforgettable moments

  • Minimum: short walks, some stairs, carrying a small backpack, nothing to make you sweat.
  • Medium: include activities for people with an acceptable physical condition, nothing very demanding.
  • High: only for established athletes and lovers of adrenaline.

Ease of getting there:

Due to the varied geography of certain countries, some places are difficult to access and it is necessary to take various types of transportation. Select experiences that are in accordance with your tastes and the amount of comfort you are willing to sacrifice to enjoy something unique. p>

  • Easy: you can arrive by bus, private car, to the airport and a transport that picks you up, very comfortable and safe.
  • Normal: some adventure, maybe a boat, a 4x4 Jeep and some hiking.
  • Difficult: getting there is half the experience, walking, on horse or mule.

Trip Duration:

Thinking of getting away for a weekend, a long weekend or maybe planning your next vacation

  • Short: 1-4 days
  • Medium: 5 to 10 days
  • Length: 11 days or more

Sustainability Level:

We are fully committed to sustainable tourism, promoting the proper use of natural resources, the management of solid waste, water and energy, as well as as the benefit to local communities

  • Level 1: aware of the importance of sustainability in tourism, they are beginning to apply good practices
  • Level 2: develops good sustainability practices and is in the process of being certified at the national level
  • Level 3: committed to environmental and social responsibility in tourism, has national certifications and international recognition