Healthy and local food

Enjoy the most authentic and healthy local food!

Nothing more memorable than a delicious plate of local food that shows the authentic touch of each region we visit. Just like you, who are a responsible traveler, we look for places and gastronomic experiences committed to reducing the carbon footprint, avoiding the import of supplies as much as possible and promoting the use of local foods, supporting small economies in the food chain, the use of organic gardens and the preservation of ancestral recipes.

Avoiding Plastic

You are part of the change!

We know that you want to avoid plastic on your trip, so we promote the use of a permanent thermos that you can supply water, clay, ceramic and biodegradable materials in the containers for reuse, the elimination of straws and plastic bags . Remember, plastic pollution is a global problem, so you will be an agent of change by preventing more plastic from polluting the oceans and threatening wildlife and human health.

Sustainable Management

Sustainability is a path, not an end!

Each tourism venture on our platform internally seeks to comply with small steps that are on the way to sustainability, therefore, they have plans, strategies and activities that demonstrate awareness and compliance with sustainability principles in their operations. Your opinion counts! It will be very important to always have feedback from our travelers!

Social and local well-being

Thinking locally is a global impact!

Hundreds of local entrepreneurs are waiting for your arrival, host families, transporters, guides, cooks, waitresses, artisans and many native settlers. Make sure you leave an important positive mark on them, with your behavior, you can be an example of respect and good practices in human relations. In our experiences, we avoid any form of exploitation, likewise, we promote equal rights and opportunities, we believe in gender inclusion, without discrimination based on race, religion or reduced ability, we want more and more young people, women, men and population LGBTI join sustainable tourism.

Cultural Empathy

Connect with the culture and its traditions

Our commitment to travelers, tourism enterprises and communities is to contribute to the protection of cultural heritage. In each destination and experience that we offer, we seek to communicate about cultural sites, festivities, oral traditions, arts, rituals, knowledge and techniques linked to traditional crafts, as well as some practices related to the relationship of cultures with nature and the environment. universe. Travel to discover, value and appreciate culture!

Take care and protect the environment

Doing nature tourism is knowing and protecting biodiversity!

We are aware of the great global challenge of reducing the carbon footprint to face climate change. We are all responsible and everyone with a grain of sand can help the planet. We consider companies and nature experiences that promote initiatives for the conservation of natural resources, good practices for interaction with wildlife, the use of alternative energies, water saving programs, and solid waste management. We invite travelers to take care of our mother earth by enjoying and conserving!