1. Declaration of privacy policy and data processing

NATOURS COLOMBIA SAS informs its clients and users that by means of Law 1581 of 2012 and Decree 1377 of 2013, the authorization was issued. The General Regime for the Protection of Personal Data, to develop the constitutional right that all people have to know, update and rectify the information that has been collected about them in databases or files.

In accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned regulations that are obtained by the Holder of the Information through the contractual links entered into between NATOURS COLOMBIA SAS and the Holder of the Information, they will be compiled, stored, consulted, used, shared, exchanged, transmitted, transferred and processed in databases, which will be used for the following purposes: - Maintain efficient communication of information that is of It will be useful in the links in which the Client and User who owns the information is a part. - Report internal modifications of any kind that occur in the development of the links in which the Client and User who owns the information is a part.

NATOURS COLOMBIA SAS. It is recorded that you have the right to access the data provided at any time free of charge, to request its correction, update or deletion under the terms established in Statutory Law 1581 of 2012 to Thirty ( 30) calendar days after this communication is issued, by writing to NATOURS COLOMBIA SAS through info@turismodenaturaleza.co</a > by direct communication to the following address at Calle 37B # 44 57 Palmira or Telephone 057 - 315 510 8216 of the aforementioned procedures. NATOURS COLOMBIA SAS NIT 900.507.457 - 4